Terra Plana Shoes: Eco-Friendly AND Stylish

Terra Plana was founded by the sons of the Clarks footwear chain. They make footwear from recycled car tires, old army blankets, car seats and other recycled materials.

Inspired by ecological survival, Terra Plana believes in a variety of non-generic products and sustainable strategies. Their shoes are designed so that they can be kept for life. “Reparability, lightness, anatomic design, and durability are all staples of sustainable shoe making”. All that AND style too!

Our society of consumerism has lead us into purchasing almost exclusively disposable goods. Doesn’t work? Throw it! Buy another one! Huh? I remember my parents bringing all their appliances to that local repair shop around the corner. What happened?

It is now almost expected that all things fashion should be "renewed" every six months, but our bad consumer habits have pushed us to create all categories of disposable goods, electronics and furniture included. There is scarcely any heirloom potential for our purchased goods anymore. The Terra Plana Shoe company has me excited at the possibility that we could be purchasing an item to be cherishing and to grow old and comfortable with. An old concept that is new again.


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