Terrariums Are for Winter Enjoyment




During the winter months, when it's gray and dreary outside, I have my indoor plants to enjoy.  I have a kitchen window with a southern exposure and that's where I grow most of my indoor plants.  I have a long wooden stand that my father made, and that's where I grow my orchids, ferns, and African violets. 



stand terrarium


fern glass


This year I'm experimenting with miniature African violets in glass containers.  I have several of these and they're doing great!


mini violet



tall glass


open terrarium


more opens



My local greenhouse has a good supply of open terrariums but I buy them cheaper at Michael's craft stores.  I buy imitation moss and tear off chunks which I use as a base for my plants.  I use sea glass, too, or tiny pebbles.  African violets will get root rot if allowed to sit in water: the moss and sea glass prevent this.


open glass 2



There are some very pretty cloche terrariums on the market but my violets do better in open terrariums, where the air is allowed to circulate.  I'm considering buying a cloche terrarium, however, so I can grow other miniature plants. 


cloche 2




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