the terrible horrible no good very bad grouchy mommy

Seriously, I don't know if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday or what but I was about ready to eat myself a kid-sandwich by 7:30a.m. It didn't help that both boys announced that they had things they were supposed to bring to school for science projects and book reports 6 MINUTES before they were supposed to leave for the bus and we were thrown into a tailspin of do-we-have-any-of-these and I-was-supposed-to-write-that's.

Grumble grumble grumble...

Then Sean gets in trouble at school doing something stupid and I get an email from his teacher.

Fester fester fester...

And then they come home and within minutes it all starts all over again with the you-said and the I-said and the you're-grounded-from-anything-electronic-EVER and I'm looking at the clock thinking "how long until bed time because I don't think I can go one more minute without either throwing a screaming tantrum myself or downing a ***insert hard liquor here*** or putting my children's faces on milk cartons and selling them to the gypsies!?" They can go to bed at 5:30, right? It's dark on the east coast already...

Bang bang bang... <----that's me banging my head against the wall, not committing homicide...

And then a well balanced meal of mashed potatoes, peas, and top ramen is served (I swore there was protein in there somewhere, oh well, maybe next meal) and the I-don't-like-this chorus begins along with a little peas?-why-do-we-have-to-eat-peas? encore.

{........} {........} {........} <----that's my wordless blank expression as I
sit staring at the clock whilst they bathe, brush teeth, get in jammies and then again realize that they never did finish their homework we started what seems like 18 hours ago at this point.

To my credit, we did not skip prayer and scripture study. And to my very great credit, I said a calm prayer (even though little princes #1 and #2 started fighting in the middle of it and I had to dig down really deep to think happy calming spiritually-minded thoughts) thanking Heavenly Father that this day was coming to a close and please blessing us to have a nice soothing night, that we could sleep our angst away, wake up refreshed and happier and in better moods. To my extremely immense credit, I calmly got them into bed, kissed them goodnight, and shut their doors firmly behind me.

And then I cursed my diet because there was no chocolate to be found anywhere in the house.


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