Terrible one's? And warehouse shopping tips

Oh how my daughter has grown.....she was once a sweet mostly happy baby. As much as I love her my patience is surely being tested. There are days I just want to hide ha. It was like she turned one and then became this new person over night. She is moody, vocal and demanding. She can have on her favorite cartoon, Blues Clues, and have her toys and be happy and in a split second get angry and cry and throw herself on the ground. Part of it might be teething and part might be frustration because can't tell us what is wrong but I want my sweet baby back! We are doomed once she starts walking because she is so smart. It amazes me what she figures out and gets into. She knows how to get outlet covers off, she knows how to open front door (which now must always be locked), she has accidentally called and text people on my phone, she can open an iPhone (knows how to slide finger) and if she sees the gate open or off the bottom of the stairs she is gone! Up the stairs and into who knows what! Sorry for my hiatus......seems like we all have been sick since December. We all had a cold at some point through Christmas and then sometime in Jan we either had sinus trouble or someone had anther cold. Feb I had a sinus infection again then we all had stomach flu. I don't wish that on anyone! We all get better and have a good weekend then I get another sinus infection and daughter gets a cold. Now my husband has a cold. Just go away! I just want everyone to be well! So I was posting frugal tips and took a break to get everyone better but here is the next tip: buy in bulk. As previously stated memberships to Costco and SAMs clubs might not be best for you.....depends on family size and how much of something you really use. If all you would really buy in bulk is toilet paper, paper towels, etc then you may want to look into buying in bulk online. Amazon is a great site. I know women who shop amazon mom and diapers.com. But when you shop at these big clubs you have to be disciplined! There are quite a few traps and some not so great deals. On average I know prices of certain items I buy most often. When shopping at Costco I try to compare to see if buying the bulk item is better. Here is a list of items that are guaranteed to be better to buy at a warehouse store: Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen but only store brand name; Spices, gravy mixes, Batteries, Most peanut butters, Milk, always buy in gallon sizes, Lunch meat, Salad dressing, Tuna. Or canned chicken, but check in your local area because sometimes walmart and dollar tree can be cheaper; Canned vegetables, Jams, Baking goods, flour, sugar, dry yeast, chocolate chips; Office supplies, Pet food, Variety bags of candy, Rice, quinoa, Oats, Organic carrots, Marinara, Frozen fruit, Canned tomatoes, Beans, dry, canned, etc; Eggs, check other places shop but usually warehouse deal is best; Water, Paper products like paper towels, paper plates, etc if store brand and toilet paper good only if two ply or more; Chicken, I find chicken breast especially individually wrapped to be high so I only get whole chickens; Meat, varies; Diapers, I don't buy because the place we shop only carries their brand and Huggies and both of those brands don't work for us, daughter leaks all the time; Potatoes, Onions, Nuts, Olive oil but not usually vegetable oil; and Finish dish detergent, unless you make your own! I am sure there are other things but this is my guide when I go to stock up. It is tempting to buy the fancy dips, cream puffs and 100 pack of corn dogs but shoppers beware and mindful of your pocket books!


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