Terrorism Resolves Nothing

In the wake of the Boston Marathon's bombing the issue of terrorism, domestic or foreign, rises to the top of conversation. I'm not even remotely close to Boston nor have any great understanding of terrorism but what I do feel is that these attacks have an opposite effect to what I think is intended. The message a terrorist attempts to send can never be received.

Yes, they may feel a sense of power, control and enjoy the carnage that has been left in their wake but they achieve nothing more. The terrorist, in my mind, is a vessel filled with an infectious ideology that spends every waking hour drowning in anger and searching for an outlet for their pain. Feeling masterful in their state they concoct ways to be noticed, to exact their will on others and wait for that very short-lived moment of superiority but it quickly leaves them. Shaped by years of indoctrination, illness or lack of self-worth many terrorists appear to me to be so small in their evolution; they simply are part of the lowest forms in our species.

The message they think they send by each attack on person and structure, freedom and democracy falls short of our ears. Yes, we are shaken but we don't fall. Yes, we are hurt but we will heal. Yes, we are angry but we rally for support. Their message is inaudible because it is in a language we care not to speak.

How frustrating it must be to see that people will run again in marathon's across this continent with more resolve than they had a day ago. That communities will come together and clean up the shards of destruction a terrorist so painstakingly designed. How incredibly stupid is the man who believes that an act of terrorism resolves something. Terrorism resolves nothing and never will.