Getting to Happy is a Good Reminder to Pursue Happiness Wholeheartedly!

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The women from Terry McMillan's acclaimed book, Waiting to Exhale, are back in her much anticipated novel, Getting to Happy. McMillan picks up the storyline fifteen years later as her four main characters, Robin, Gloria, Savannah and Bernadine have flourished and floundered through life. Although I have not read, Waiting to Exhale, I quickly connected with McMillan’s four women characters who are all in their 50s and at various stages of looking back on their lives and figuring out where to go from here.

Each of them are strong, independent women who have forged solid, reliable friendships with each other. McMillan’s dialogue is strong and it drops you right into the front seat as each of them navigate through their lives, dealing with the past, as they figure out how to “get to happy.” Each is not only dealing with her own disappointments and heart-breaks, but they are now entwined with their children’s as well.

McMillan explores a plethora of relevant topics including, divorce, betrayal, gang fighting, depression, prescription drug dependence, job loss, online dating and a child that “comes out of the closet” . Although it sounds like a crazy whirlwind of topics, McMillan weaves them believably into the lives of her characters as they gracefully and not so gracefully handle the good and the bad as they come.

The book was a swift read for me, and it felt authentic. It’s a reminder that life does run swiftly by, and we should never settle for mediocrity (stuck in a boring or dead-end job, or stuck re-living a shocking betrayal), when we should be forgiving ourselves and others for past mistakes and pursuing happiness wholeheartedly!

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