Tess Danesi

Often based on her own explorations in the world of D/s and BDSM, Tess Danesi looks into the darker side of erotica, writing with raw honesty about that shadowy area where pain becomes pleasure and pleasure pain. Tess has been published in several anthologies including Pleasure Bound by Alison Tyler, Do Not Disturb and Bottoms Up by Rachel Kramer Bussel as well as in Time Out New York. Reviewing sex toys for various online sites and her own blog keep her occupied and often quite satisfied.  In between all that and her actual job, for two years running, she’s produced the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar which raises funds for sex positive causes. Born from the stunning success of the calendar, Tess and Diva recently started Tied Up Events which creates their own exclusive events, works with clients promoting products and events, setting up and teaching social media, and making their events spectacular, memorable and stress free. She blogs about life, death and everything in between at Urban Gypsy.

2010 found Tess leaving her accounting job of over twenty years to focus on bringing her knowledge of all things sexual to a more mainstream audience.  Teaching various sexuality workshops that make learning about everything from anal sex to fellatio to sensual rough sex fun and non-threatening help to spread her message that women can and should lovingly embrace their sexuality while moving the conversations about sex out of the shadows and into the open.