Testicles...the new thing in holiday decor?

You can't go wrong with a title like that!  (I apologize up front for this post) :)

Mr. One Woman and I are in the market for a new artificial Christmas tree.  I had seen a nice one at the store and he was perusing the holiday catalogs that have been in the mail lately.


"Here's a nice one," he said.  "Only $76."

As I started to ask whether it was pre-lit or not, he chimes in with "And it has testicles."


"Well, that's what it looks like."

You can only imagine the images galloping through my head at that.  I was sincerely hoping that there were just two unfortunately placed bulbs hanging near the bottom of the tree, and was beginning to worry about ever shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond again.  (Testicles?  Is that what the "beyond" is????)

"Yes, it says they make artificial trees smell fresh.  Only $9.99 for a set of 8."

I can tell you, one of the last things I want my Christmas tree to smell like is...

...again, the images would appall you.

"Let me see that," I said, grabbing the catalog from him.

He laughed and said, "It doesn't say 'testicles'...get serious!"

"Scentsicles".  Icicle shaped air fresheners.

My faith in Bed, Bath, and Beyond is restored :)

My faith in my husband...not so much!

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc