Impatiently Trying to be Patient

You know when you get excited about something and look forward to making the vision in your head into a reality?

I have this little problem where I get so wrapped up in the anticipation of the outcome, that I can't slow myself down or wait for the right time.


In the continuation with my near-obsession with Tennessee and living in the South, I am redoing my postage stamp backyard. Currently, my 13' x 26-ish' is completely decked. Not well, either. The previous owners did a lot of "fell off the back of a truck" jobs around the house. Also called, shotty. No good. Looks like poo. You get the idea. It's also pretty depressing. No grass. No tree. Just wood decking. 

Well, no more. We (and by we, I mean I) decided that we should tear the thing out and get some grass, plants, a picnic table, and all the fixins. 

I started by digging out the soil I had put in, previously, when I made a  planter to give some green to the wood. Removing the weeds that had overrun the box after I decided I hated the deck. So, my 2 year old and I dug and dumped the dirt into a recycling can, ironically, and pulled up some boards to put the dirt under the deck. 

So, why has this been dubbed impatience?

Because we had said that we would wait until Sept/Oct to even begin on this venture. Meh. It's almost Sept...which is almost Oct...sort of...

Keep sweating and sewing.


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