The Texas Rangers Baseball Game, The Upset Child And The Lost Teaching Moment

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American sports fans, TV commentators and the chattering classes in general were outraged at a Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees baseball game when an engaged couple grabbed a foul ball at the same time a little boy’s father was trying to snatch it for his son.

The child starts to bawl and makes a huge fuss on national TV. The couple is then vilified as selfish and unfeeling for not handing the crying child the ball they had won.

The drama continues when the muscled ones on the playing field seeing the poor, distraught child, throw him another ball. Moreover, the child is further rewarded a day or so later when the Texas Rangers team send him even more loot. A special team jersey (jumper) and a very special ball signed by all the team players.

The father goes on to explain that he and the child had sat in those particular seats before and caught a ball, so the child’s expectation was that he hoped to do so again.

So one happy ending with one happy child.

But at what cost?

Was a teaching (and learning) moment lost?

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