I really am not fond of the acronym TGIF. I kind of cringe at how over-used it is and I do try to avoid it. But there are some Fridays when it just FITS. This, for me, is one of those Fridays. And to celebrate, I'm makinga list of five reasons why I'm so darn grateful to see Friday.

1) I spent 20 hours in Excel this week.

2) I spent 15 hours and 32 minutes crunching numbers this week -- and seven of those hours came today.

3) We've been flat broke for two weeks and I'm ready to NOT be broke and celebrate with dinner at Five Guys or something splurgey like that.

4) I had two brilliant bloggy ideas today and two brilliant bloggy ideas yesterday and several more earlier in the week and I have had NO time to write any of those brilliant posts. Damn it.

5) I have an awesome book waiting for me to finish it because my yesterday did not allow me enough reading time. I NEED READING TIME.

I'd love it if you'd share your own TGIFive.

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