Th Best Gift I've Received

If I was being honest, the best gift I've ever received is grace, from our Heavenly Father. Nothing can top redemption, salvation, and unfailing love right? So today I am going to talk to you about the 2nd best gift I've ever received. Well, talking isn't as fun as seeing, right? So here it is...

Ernesto Ebeneezer Hart was given to me as a gift on February 14th, 2011 and it is the one gift that just keeps giving. You may be thinking he was a Valentine's Day gift but nope. He was a wedding gift that Jon and I chose to give to each other. I scratched my head for ideas for my hubby-to-be and knew there wasn't a chance I was going to get him cuff links or a handkerchief...those just aren't practical for him. A couple of weeks before our wedding we decided on a French Bulldog, found a breeder near Dallas and Jon went to go pick out our puppy. Frenchies are very expensive and we thought what a great gift to seal our marriage with. Starting life as husband and wife with our first little fur baby. Mr. Chunky Man has brought so much joy to our lives, I honestly can't remember how I lived without him! There has been a handful of times where we've been at home and Ernie is gone, mostly right before or after a trip where he is still at my parents, and the house is so quiet and lonely. My little Bundle (one of his many nicknames is Mr. Bundles...Annie anyone?) will be 2 in less than a month! Where does time go?
What is the best gift you've ever received?


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