Thank God For My Bed

I think I have recovered (mostly) from moving my sister out of state. She is far safer and better off there than she was previously, but it's hard knowing she is 11 hours away over some really rough roads instead of just 2-3 hours away.

Our aunt took me to the U-Haul on Monday, where I picked up the truck. I had never driven any vehicle without a rear view mirror before, so that took some adjusting. The weather was better than it had been the day before, with severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. It just rained on and off while we loaded the truck. I will admit to being annoyed with my sister for not having everything packed and ready to load - I mean, it's not as if she didn't know this was coming! At the end, I told her she had 30 minutes. I guess that lit a fire under her backside, because we got it all loaded and left about 40 minutes later. Just in time to sit in traffic, but it wasn't horrible.

We left the next morning in a light to medium rain, but drove out of it after about an hour. The rest of the day was dealing with some pretty bad roads - I was glad I had prayed over the electronics and stuff because the jouncing and shaking of the truck was amazing. I wanted to make the trip in one day, but it didn't happen. I may be stubborn, but I'm not stupid. I know when I have had enough and need to rest. I started looking for a hotel when we were about 2.5 hours from our brother's house, and ended up backtracking just a bit to get to one of the chains my husband and I always used. Our brother the professional truck driver thought I had not followed his instructions about the route to take, and he was ready to chew me out until I set him straight.

When we got to his house the next morning, his lady friend showed up and helped us unload. What took us over three hours to put in there, took about 30-45 minutes to take out. Then I took the truck to the U-Haul place, and they were kind enough to drive me around to the WalMart (where my brother's lady was waiting for me) since it was sort of raining. That was so very nice of them to do that.

The next morning, we all went to breakfast and they dropped me off at the airport. I had two flights to get back to my aunt's town, and I got to ride the SkyTrain between terminals. Yes, I am easily amused. Apparently I was more exhausted than I realized, because I started weeping on the second flight. The poor guy sitting next to me must have figured I was mental or something! I even got choked up when I asked the security gentleman where the waiting area for pickup was. My aunt got me back to her place, I picked up some bones for my mom's dog she had saved, and on I went to pick up my mom on my way home.

All I wanted was a shower and to wash all my clothes so they didn't smell like cigarette smoke. I didn't do either until the next day. But now another day has passed, and except for forgetting to throw my pajamas in with the wash (not the smoky ones, but the ones I had been wearing here) I think I have all my brain cells back.

I'm sticking close to home until the end of the month, when I have another trip. But it is a short one, and hopefully no hotels will be involved. Plus, it's business. Family business and business business.

Until then, thank God for my bed.

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