Thank goodness for Renee

Every November for the past few years, I have made it a point to post one thing I’m thankful for every (okay, almost every) day. First, it was Facebook posts, then last year I turned it into blog posts. It has been good for me, particularly in the month that begins the holiday season, to make it a point to find one thing I’m thankful for each day.

Today, I really needed an opportunity to look for something to be thankful for.

You see, this morning Zander took off his pants and diaper and took a dump in the toy box.

This morning, while we were already running late, Colby’s seatbelt did that stupid fold-in-on-itself-so-it-won’t-move thing that took me about 5 minutes of tugging and trying SO hard not to curse before I finally fixed it.

This morning, while attempting to get all four kids and myself ready to go, the twins did what two-year-olds do: They got into anything and everything they could.

“No, put that down, Wyatt.”

“Zander! Give me the toothpaste!”

“Stop. STOP!”

Everywhere I turned, there was chaos. The shoe containers had been flipped over and shoes sat strewn across the hallway. The toilet flushed at random intervals and not because anyone was going potty. “Out of the bathroom, Zander! Wyatt!” There was a tussle over a toy that two kids wanted.

All before 9:15am.

This is all in addition to several stressful weeks prior. This morning, I reached my maximum stress threshold. I’m still teetering on complete sobbing meltdown.

After I dropped Colby and Lily off at their respective schools, I texted my friend Renee.

Renee and me at the park today. Photo courtesy of Logan (age 4)!

Me: Are you home this am? I need some Renee.

Renee: Come on over!

Me: Bless you, woman.

I beat her to her house and she came walking in with a Grande Eggnog Latte for me. Eggnog makes me happy. Eggnog makes everything feel a little bit more bearable, even if only for a minute. Then, I started gut spilling to her about my crappy morning, about how I’m so stressed out bringing my kids to other peoples’ houses because I know the twins are busy. I know they’re curious. I know they are a handful. I live it every single day. I KNOW. She listened so patiently while I talked about how it makes me feel so stressed out when I go to anyone’s house, because inevitably, somebody’s going to be getting into something and I don’t want to stress other people out. I don’t want to not be invited because my kids are so busy. I already feel like a burden with my large brood of children, it makes me feel like even more of a nuisance when my kids get into things or break rules.

I almost cried several times in our conversation. Renee offered some fantastic, sage advice. She is quickly starting to become my Yoda. Seriously, this woman has practical, mature, down-to-earth reasoning for any situation. I admire that about her.

Our kids took up every swing!

“Okay,” she said after I had spilled my whiny guts to her. “Here’s what we need to do: We’re going to pack a lunch and get these kids outside to the park.”

So, we did. She fed all of our kids, we played at the park for over an hour, and all of us were much happier by the time we packed up to go home.

Today, the first day of my Month of Thankfulness, I am thankful for Renee. She is always there when I call or text, has offered to watch my kids more times than I can count, is a great running buddy (“Nooo, we are so not stopping right now! Go!”), and really, just a dog-gone super person.

Thank goodness for Renee.

Really, thank goodness for friends in general. After the park, my friend Michelle popped by for a minute, long enough to give me a hug and make me laugh. Friends are awesome. I’m blessed.

This month, I challenge you to find one thing you’re thankful for each day. It can be as simple as a piece of chocolate, it doesn’t matter. Find one thing that makes each day a little bit better. Post it on Facebook, post it in a comment on my blog, post on your own blog. I’d love to see what you’re thankful for, too!