A Shower, A Sexy Toy, and Tons of Steam

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“I have to meet with my sisters.”

Opening the bag, I began to take out my toiletries and clothes, placing them on the chair neatly.

“What is this?” Reaching inside he pulls out a very large toy that I forgot was in there.  The bag is my bag, the special bag that I used when I would go see him.  “Can you show me how it works?” He moved in closer making me laugh.

“No, not now!” I said with a giggle.

That is what I get for messing around with a guy who was in great shape and didn’t need those little blue pills.  To tell the truth, we never had to wait more than ten minutes until he was ready to do it again.  In this case, twenty minutes had passed and, by the looks of his shorts, I was fifteen minutes late.  I picked up my toiletries, brushed him off to the side, and entered into the bathroom to take care of my business.

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“I look well pleased.”

I looked into the full length mirror behind the door and saw the products covering my body in areas I didn’t even know he had touched the night before.

"Are you sure you're OK?” he asked in a whisper.

“Yes, I am...”

I turned a bit, only to see the whip cream hand print on my back. “If I can only get this hand print off of my back,” I added.

We both laughed. I headed into the shower stall, adjusted the temperature, turned on the water, and stepped in.  The warmth of the water upon my body dissolved everything from the night before and stimulated my tired skin. The steam filled the small bathroom quickly and moisture droplets formed on the wall. It wasn’t going to be a long shower like at home; I knew I had to get out of there before his mother decided to come downstairs to see what we were doing.

“Let me get that off of your back.”

I turned around to see him standing there naked with the toy from my bag in his hand.

“Show me how it works," he said as he stepped into the shower with me. We then spent another twenty minutes playing with the toy.  He enjoyed placing it in a few of my orifices, and I enjoyed him enjoying himself.  There were even moments when the toy was tossed into the sink and we were instead having sex on the cold bathroom floor.

“Now I have to shower again,” I said,  heading back into the shower with him. While were in there for the second time, his mother started knocking on the bathroom door.

“How many times are you going to take a shower?” she shouted through the door. He covered my mouth so I wouldn’t respond to her question.

“I’ll be out in a second!" he shouted back, taking his other hand and placing it on my breast. He began kissing me on my lips and slowly made it down to my stomach. I pulled his head up and kissed his lips again. 

“I have to get out of here,” I told him in a low, stern whisper. He smiled and turned me around, pressing me up against the shower wall, letting the water flow over both of us.

“Last time, I promise, and then I’ll let you go.”

Let’s just say we had a wonderful time in what was the best shower that I'd had in a very long time. It’s is a good thing that my hair is natural and the water wasn’t a major worry.

The weirdest part about all of this? His mother was standing outside the bathroom the whole time.  It was strange that, as we were drying off, she shouted something about him using up all the hot water and that, as a man, he should not be doing that in the shower, wasting all of that water. We decided that he would go out and ease her away from the door, giving me a chance to slip back into his room and get dressed.  He stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

“Can I please have one of those famous sandwiches you would make for me when I was little?” he asked her, distracting her attention away from the bathroom.

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