Thank You

I'm writing this post with tears in my eyes because I decided just yesterday to do The Run the Cure.  I decided just last night to email my friends and family - one time only - to ask if they would like to sponsor me.

I'm crying right now because their generosity - in less than 24 hours - has overwhelmed me so much that I can't not cry.  I'm a drippy mess of snot in the middle of the post-lunchtime chaos with chocolate residue on my fingers and a permanent ring around my coffee cup.  I would be eating popcorn right now, if I could.

There are so many charities, and not-quite-charities, and outright business calling and asking for money, these days.  I screen my calls.  I refuse unaddressed ad-mail.  I donate privately, as much as I can, the best way I know how, and I used to actually pride myself on my refusal to fund-raise.  Somehow, I thought it made me a better person, to deny the taint of money for someone else's cause.  Because your donation is your own business, right?  And money complicates friendship unnecessarily.

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