Thank you, Ash Beckham for opening the door.


A friend shared this video on her Facebook page.  As a devoted Catholic, she was appalled by "this lesbian's audacity".  She was vehement and vicious in her tirade.  My heart broke. 

It is easy to look at someone and judge them by how they look.  It's even easier to judge a label, a preconceived notion of what type of person someone is.  It's much harder to invest the time and willingness to truly get to know someone, to look beyond the clothes, the color of their skin,  or who they are dating.  We are all human.  We all have fears.  We all have dreams.  My fears are not less than nor greater than yours.  My dreams no bigger or smaller. 

Amy's point is very simple, everyone has a closet.  A place within they can tuck away those things that they are afraid to share, the "hard conversations". 
We've already been our own judge and jury.  Our closets have become our dungeons and our fears have become our wardens. Fear of being ostracized.  Fear of being unloved.  Fear of worthlessness.  And regardless of whether we think those fears are justified or not, they belong to the person who feels them.

So next time someone says, "I need to talk.", I will remember the courage it took for them to open that door and initiate that hard conversation.


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