Thank You Bloggers - You Taught Me How to Bake Better, Exercise Enthusiastically, and Parent with Pride!

Today I decided it was time (and overdue quite frankly) to say thank you!  The blogging world has truly changed my life.  Thanks to YOUR blogs...I am able to do many things better!  (And try things I never thought I could!)

I blog. After months and months of reading blogs, I finally found the courage (and the topic) to blog myself.  I love writing, and knowing that my blog could make someone smile, really makes my day.

I bake better.  Thanks to borrowing countless recipes from "BestFriendsForFrosting" and "IAMBAKER" and many more talented bloggers, I bake some yummy treats.  These bloggers post tips and ideas, things I would have never thought of myself!

I plan better parties because I stalk "Kara's Party Ideas" EVERY single day!  And even though I never win her giveaways, I still love to try!  The parties she features are amazing!  I try to replicate my favorite ideas all the time.  I am working up the courage to send her my party pictures from this Sunday's baptism for baby girl.  Hopefully, the details come together and I can show her that her blog inspired my party! 

I exercise with more enthusiasm.  I read the "HungryRunnerGirl" and "HealthyTipping Point" every morning and then I go out and do my own workout.  Knowing they are out there workin' it, kicking their own butts, helps me get out and do the same!

I parent with pride! I make a million mistakes.  I used to beat myself up for them.  Now, I rely on other moms on BlogHer, their advice, stories, woes, and triumphs to help me with my own.  I am proud of my mistakes now.  I make them, remember them, and learn from them.  Most importantly, I get my laughs from them.  "Victoria's View" always has a comment to make me feel better! 

I didn't really stop to think about it before, but blogs and bloggers have seriously improved my life.  They made me realize that 95% of life is situational.  If you don't like your situation, change it. Make your situation something you enjoy (or are at least content with).  Once you get that attitude down, and you strengthen your faith, you will find the happiest version of yourself.  I couldn't have gotten here alone, so thank you blog friends!  

Should we ever get the chance to meet, I owe lots of people lots of hugs!

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