Thank you BlogHer

I just want to take a minute to say Thank You to the wonderful women and men that run BlogHer.  You have created an online community full of amazing people. 

If it had not been for the BlogHership program I would not have been able to attend the BlogHer conference this year. Yes, I know you "can't pull it off without volunteers" but honestly I think many people would volunteer to help without comping the entire conference pass. At least I would but that is just me. 

All the money I had saved for the trip to NYC, the conference, hotel, etc. was spent last year covering deductibles and medical bills. Over Thanksgiving my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer after emergency surgery for a ruptured bowel which had gone septic. 

Hubby was the one to suggest I apply for the BlogHership. He knows how important BlogHer and attending the conference is to me. 

Thankfully I found great roommates (Jean and Liza) which defrayed the cost of the hotel. Frequent flyer miles took care of the airplane tickets. BlogHer took care of the rest. 

Many conferences don't include meals, much less multiple parties and drink tickets. Thanks to BlogHer I only had to pay for 1 meal the entire time. 

My 1-2 hours of volunteering a day can not repay what I gained over the weekend. I had a chance to reconnect with friends, meet new ones, learn a lot and take a much needed break from home.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity I was given.  


@texasebeth  andMy Life, such as it is.... 

PS - the PTO thanks you as well as most of my swag is being used for Teacher Appreciation, raffles, etc. to help out my son's school



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