Thank you so very much for your support!!!

BlogHer Bloggers, 

I can't thank you enough for your incredible support for my blogging efforts here on Blogher and for my previous post, "B10GHER: The Best is Yet to Come." I can't express my trur gratitude for your reads, love and comments. 

I am so honored to be one the bloggers here and it was just such a beautiful surprise, to be featured. It is just a humbling honor. I want to thank Elisa, Lisa, Jory, Melissa and all of the incredible ladies here for their support. It means a lot to me, to have brilliant and experienced bloggers, actually reading what I write. Taking time out of your busy schedule, just to stop by my little page and my blog. I was just looking at BlogHer, which I do everyday, and to see my blog being one of them, on the blog slideshow, just put a major smile on my face. 

It made me feel like, even when I think that nobody's watching or reading my work, there is at least one person that is reading it. And I need to keep blogging and writing and never give up. It takes time to be a good blogger and it doesn't happen overnight. It takes work and it takes having the strength and tenacity to deal with the dry spots, that your blog may or will endure. I've learned to just keep blogging. Because you never know. Something that you think won't be that interesting, just might be something that will touch someone in a great way. 

And I know that all of you have. I have been deeply moved by all of you. 

Thank you B10GHER!!! I truly appreciate your love. Because, I love you all, too!!!


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