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steve jobsMy mom emailed me a couple of days ago with a request. Blog about "how much we love Steve Jobs and what he did for us," she wrote. "Do it before he leaves us."

I knew she was worried about his health and probably as horrified as I was at all the rumors swirling around at the moment, some media outlets even reporting that he had gone into cardiac arrest. The reports that he was dead. It seems like a flock of vultures is circling overhead here in Silicon Valley and all I can think is, "This man is a person. He has a family. This is disgusting."

And that got me to thinking about my family and all the ways that Apple products have touched our lives over the years. My mom wrote, "I love Steve because he gives us great products that make our lives easier…packaged beautifully and make us proud to own." So yes, I am going to indulge my dear mom and write a thank you letter to Steve Jobs.

In this letter the words "Steve Jobs" might be synonymous with thousands of different engineers, product managers, evangelists (well, one in particular), UI designers, and software developers, but so be it. Today, in this letter, Steve Jobs represents you all.

Dear Steve Jobs,

Thank you for making great products that make our lives easier. 
Thank you for thinking about what users want and for making products
that we didn't even know we needed.

In the 80's my family's first
computer was an Apple IIe. It sat on a desk in the corner of our family
room and every time we turned it on the TV picture got all grainy but
we didn't care. It was cool, and we loved inserting the floppy disks
into the drives to play our games.  We were especially proud to own
this computer because it was developed in our back yard. As someone who
spent the latter half of her childhood in Silicon Valley, I grew up
peering into people's garages as I rode by on my bike because you never
knew what was going on in there.

[Continue reading the rest of the letter on CityMama.]



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