Thank you Tina Fey!

Tina Fey needs to be on Everygirl's - and EveryMom's - short list as a role model. Not just because she is enormously hard working and talented, but in our body-image obsessed culture, she allowed herself to be photographed at Disney World with her daughter. . . wearing a swimming suit. A perfectly perfect, fun but mom--ish, tankini. In polka-dot. And she looks lovely! Not celebrity "freaky-breast-implant- concave-belly-five-months-after-giving-birth" lovely, but "pale-skin-because-I-work-and-tankini-because-I-want-to-play-in-the-water-with-my-daughter-because-that's-more-fun-than-posing-with-my-gut-sucked-in-for-the-paparazzi" lovely. What more of a role model can we have? Really. 
My own mother never jumped in a swimming pool with us - not once. She never wore a bathing suit at the pool - she was always covered up with shorts and long-sleeved shirts because she thought she was too fat - at 5' 6" and 160 pounds . . . not a good subliminal message to pass along to your daughters. 
It's true that kids grow up too fast. Mine are 20 and 14, and I'm thrilled to have avoided serious vanity long enough to have really happy memories of the times spent in my own tankini playing in the water with my boys. They could absolutely not care less what I look like in a bathing suit. The time we've spent playing and talking? Those are the main building blocks of our relationship. These are lovely children I helped to create, and I would have done them a disservice to take attention away from their needs to what - my body? 
So to all you moms out there - whatever you look like - please never let your concerns over your physical apprearance take away from the moments you get to spend with your kids. Bodies change. The basis of relationships don't.
Just think Tina Fey relaxing at Disneyland with her kids and all your body image stress will float away, and you can channel that time with your children. And it will all be good.  Here's a link to the photos that set me off:
What do you think?
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