Thank You, Unnamed Soldier

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Lisa Douglas
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Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Death is never, ever easy, least of all in the military. Being involved in some family’s worst events of their life is never easy, and your death is no different, soldier. I can’t imagine the emotion running through your family when they see the sedan pull up with the two smartly dressed soldiers approaching your house to deliver the horrible news and help them through this time. And while I am grateful that, this time, it is not my husband, not on his birthday, not so soon after the birth of his last child, I am not grateful that the news of your loss had to be delivered at all. But I am, however, grateful that there are kind soldiers like my husband and his fellow CAO’s that do this sort-of thing, who are there to help guide struggling families through this. As much as I have dreaded and continue to dread the knock at the door myself, I couldn’t imagine what it must be like from their standpoint, having to dress up and walk up to a strange family and deliver the blow that their loved one has passed, tragically or not. I couldn’t imagine that scenario, that is, until now, now that my husband is one of those folks that might have to do this some day.