Thankful for my Garden and Cookies!!!

This past Friday I decided to go to my Mom's house and take a look at all of my plants I neglected in the winter.  Some had shriveled leaves and others looked plain dead.  But to my surprise, Most of my plants were still growing.  When the plants had turned to seed, those seeds fell on the soil and laid dormant until spring.  Now my stevia plant is back, I had seeds from some of my greens mix, I saw basil popping up despite the weeds, and flowers on my strawberry plants.  Don't you just love plants!  They may lay dormant in the winter but in the spring they come back.  Sometimes if they don't make it through the cold, they leave a seed that sprouts and continues with the life giving qualities that the plant supplies.  Life is so awesome that way!  We all go through seasons and plant seeds that will grow even when we are no longer around. Read the rest at

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