Thankful for Paper - Week 1

A creative and conscientious woman named Rachel (not me!) started Thankful on Paper last year as a movement to express gratitude toward those who impact our lives in a personalized, meaningful way.

Join us as we use the four Wednesdays before Thanksgiving to write and send a card, letter, or note in thanks to those who make assured differences in our lives. This effort's impact exponentially increases when bloggers share their cards and inspired words with others online.

This week's stationary card came all the way from Africa. The paper quality is excellent and the beautiful stitching and delicately pressed flower are exquisite. The Good Shepherd Sisters train women how to create elaborate, marketable crafts at the Euphrasian Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Approximately 70 impoverished women learn craftsmanship trades, receive support services at the Centre, and earn fair wages for their produced goods. Many are orphaned, at risk for sexual exploitation, and responsible for providing their dependent siblings with daily necessities and educational funding.

Help support their cause by purchasing Fair Trade crafts at HandCrafting Justice.






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