Thanks for the gems, mom.

I'm trying so hard to repair my funny bone. It was broken in my mom's car accident from 700 miles away. But to survive this, I need to be able to flex it - at least for my family, who have come to depend on it as a part of their life. So that when one of them is caught brown-handed feeding a dirty diaper to the pugs (again), I can laugh about it and share it with all of you, not curl up on the couch and melt into a pathetic puddle of saliva, snot and tears.

I love my mom. She made me into the person I am today. A few months ago I would have denied the hell out of this, but she also bestowed her amazing sense of humor on me...because she loved to make people happy. Even when life gave her the New Jersey salute, she continued to crack jokes, wear silly hats, and share her love of life with others. I can feel her spirit urging me to soldier on. To tie a splint around my fractured funny bone and let it heal. She was and continues to be my hero. I started flipping through some of her old photo albums while we were cleaning out her house and found more than a few gems that she left behind.

Now let me warn you, these are not the proudest moments of my childhood. Thanks for the gems, mom.

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