Thanks Uncle Ron - Congrats Baseball

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It's over. Confetti flies and Rangers come home.

The Cardinals were loose and ready. They carried the momentum from the David Freese homer into the park tonight. He followed it up with an ultimate MVP performance, keeping the Cardinals on the offensive in this last night of a momentous World Series. His new 2012 Chevy Corvette will no doubt circle the Arch with fans taking cell phone pics and videos, posting them YouTube. Freese stood, looking truly awestruck at the entire experience. La Russa looked like the champion he's been before. Albert stood regally and sounded as cool Iceberg Slim. "We show them the way that we play Cardinals baseball," said Pujols standing behind the trophy.

On Friday, Texas fans wanted to second guess Uncle Ron's decisions, but even the prickly Randy Galloway couldn't find much to criticize on his talk show today. That'll change over the next week when callers and bar crawlers continue to wonder what if - what if Cruz had caught that ball in the outfield? What if we hadn't walked Albert with two men on? What if there hadn't been a rain out that first night? Why did we lose it twice?

Ron Washington talked about his own questions. "If there's anything I'd take back from last night it's that one pitch. ... The opportunity three times for one pitch to get the third out; it was in our grasp," said Uncle Wash standing outside the locker room, still protecting his guys. The somber ride flight back to the DFW will no doubt be a teary, painful one. "We're men. We're grown men," he said answering questions about getting ready for next year.

My hope is that baseball made some new fans with this one. Casual watchers will hopefully buy game day tickets and take the whole family to the park. If they can't trade the cards, at least boys and girls can text-trade pics of their favorite hitters or pitchers. Peanuts and cracker jacks, coming back.

I'll be sitting on a porch in a rocking chair telling my grandkids about Game 6 one day, and letting them know how much I cried looking at Uncle Ron as the Cardinals celebrated the Game 7 win. For now, I'm getting ready for next season. I'll be talking again about that silly Holland moustache and counting Josh Hamilton homers. Rangers, we'll be back.