Thanksgiving Goals

It's 9:30 and I can hear the dryer tumbling.   I'm sitting with the kids as they fall asleep.  My husband is finishing the dishes.  We had friends over to dinner tonight and it was a chaotic good evening of kids and plenty of food and a dog who kept telling us that he wanted more of what we were having.

I had a list of goals for November that I posted on Denise's blog.  One of my goals was to print up my goals and put them on my wall.  I did today.  Well, technically they are on my fridge.  I marked off the goal, "Put goals on the wall" and also checked off the one marked "clear crap out of living room".  I semi did a couple of the others, but not yet completed.  Luckily, we'll return from our trip with time for me to finish some of the others - I hope.

I now wish to identify goals specifically for the Thanksgiving travels:

1.  Take a photo of my goals on my iphone that I can refer to  (grin - this should be fairly easy to accomplish)

2.  Take a walk every day.  I secretly hope for a three mile walk, but I'm not committing myself.

3.  Locate at least 8 constellations and well enough that I can find them as easily as I can find Orion

4.  Help my kids make a sliced fruit tray that looks like a turkey

5.  Sketch a couple of times

6.  Read the entire text for my upcoming class and rough draft the course

7.  Stay calm and relaxed and just enjoy when all the different relatives get together

8.  Try to get a good close up photo of each person

9.  Try to get a good photo of each relative with the grandkids

10.  Eat my darn flax seed every day and drink gobs of water

11.  Hold hands with my honey


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