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As a Canadian, American Thanksgiving always seemed so...big. It seems like such a bigger event than our own harvest festival Thanksgiving held more than a month earlier. When I was a kid the difference in dates was so very confusing. I remember reading a book where a character talked about Christmas decorations coming out right after Thanksgiving and my response was, "What? Before Halloween???" Needless to say I've since learned a lot more about American Thanksgiving (I still don't get the football association, but then I don't really get football). What better way to celebrate it than to point out some Thanksgiving books?

In the category of Thanksgiving books children's literature takes center stage. At Real Learning Elizabeth points out some favourite family books. Her absolute favourite? N. C. Wyeth's Pilgrims for its beautiful artwork.

Dear Abbi and her children hit up the library for reading material, including the slightly unusual for the season Molly's Pilgrim.

Molly's Pilgrim is a different type of "Thanksgiving/Pilgrim" book that my mom found with the kids at the library. I'm glad we included it with all of the other traditional Thanksgiving books. Molly was a young, modern Jewish girl who migrated to America with her family to escape religious persecution. The book is written from that slant, and it was fun way to open up discussion about those topics.

Wild Rose Reader chimes in with a review of Thanksgiving Day at Our House: Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young and some additional Thanksgiving poetry.

And no, Thanksgiving isn't all about the kids. And neither are the books. Get Lit provides a list of adult literature with Thanksgiving themes. Truman Capote wrote a holiday classic? Who knew!

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