That's Amazing, Grace!

Well, heh-heh-heh, my plan worked!

Thanks to all of you, your comments, your greetings, your salutations, Grace Kull, our recent birthday girl, has decided to join and I couldn't be happier.

Of course, the odds were on my side. Grace and the wonderful BlogHer community could not be kept apart, if I tried. This coming together was in line with powerful intergallatic cosmic forces, in that good attracts beauty, and beauty attacts good.

It's a match made in Heaven and we all stand to gain.

Grace Kull

Tonight, I spoke with Grace and she was very tickled by all of the Comments on her BlogHer March 20 Birthday post and by all of the other posts she's been reading. She asked the inevitable questions and I gave her the inevitable answers.

Yes! It's true! Grace has decided she wants to join BlogHer and I will be meeting with her on Thursday Morning to help her set up her account. Is that cool or WHAT?

So, now we have to ask, "Will Grace, at her newly acquired stature of being ninety years of age, be our most senior BlogHer member?"

Will Grace command her senior position while using her years of knowledge to cascade forth her wisdom, enlightening us like Yoda?

Will she become the one to whom 3,000 BlogHer bloggers turn for answers to their problems on life and love?

And, what about childcare? Will every Mommy Blogger turn to Grace asking her to draw on her experience of raising three kids and living to tell about it?

Well, I hope not, or good ole' Grace may close her BlogHer account and run down the street screaming. We'll have to let her settle in first....

So, see if you approve of my teaching plan. First I thought I'd set up her account, get her avatar in place and teach her to Comment. In this way she can feel the BlogHer love for herself and warm up to the idea of having virtual friends.

Then, when she's ready, she'll start learning to post and take you all for a ride with her great stories and wonderful ways of turning a phrase.

I know I can't wait, how about you?

And remember, Grace is a published author of two books, the first of which was released when she was seventy-eight. No telling what she'll be up to next, probably saving up her posts for an e-book, I betcha'.

With Grace, though, one never knows!

So, Good Morning, Grace!

I bet this post and this photo are a surprise!

You KNOW better than to trust me with a phone call!  :)

Much Love,

Fondly, Robin

NaBloPoMo March 2012 is authored by a little bird who loves to lure unsuspecting BlogHer bloggers to her web site.


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