The” R” Word - Retired: 6 Months And Holding

How did they get my name? And, how did they know I am going to be 65?

I’m getting a lot of mail. I will be 65 in a few months and Social Security of course is aware of my Medicare eligibility and they send enrollment information 3 months in advance, but what other list am I on??  – How do these companies know how old I am?

My mail box is stuffed with brochures that say in bold print - “Important”, “Urgent”:

“It’s Medicare Time- Part A, Part B and Part C. “

“It’s Insurance Time – Long Term, Term Life, supplemental.  “

“It’s time to reassess your savings/non savings”

“It’s time to sell the house and go urban”

Baby Boomerism is an industry all its own. How to buy/how to save. Where to move/where not to move.  The best cities for those on limited income. The best companies to work for if you’re over 50…

There are also tons of emails – When did I request an “Orbit Power Wheel chair”?

Someone is getting rich off these “retirement issues“and it probably isn’t a retiree reaping the dollar rewards. (I have no doubt that it is a 20 or 30 something taking advantage of the middle age explosion – books/websites/money planners, etc.)

However, this old geezerette has kept her faculties and will wade thru it all and make the best choices possible and delete/tear up the useless stuff.

Life is good. Medicare rocks!