Balancing Act

I went to the doctor today to talk about my knee, my elbow, my foot, and whatever other inflamed injury I could mention.  I pretty much figured he was going to say, "FatCat, you have overuse injuries and you need to listen to your body and you most definitely should not run in the local 8 mile race, nor the half marathon."

He did not.

Instead he said, "I'd much rather see an injury from overuse than a heart pain.  You can definitely run in those races, but don't worry about your times."


Well, YAY!  Except that I have been giving my aching joints chances to recover by not running which means I am no way near prepared mentally or physically to run those races with grace and ease.

(All of my aches and pains are overuse related, but none are bad injuries.  I just get to ice more, stretch better and continue listening to my body and cross training.  I also get to start doing things like standing on one foot for long periods of time to help build proprioceptive awareness in my joints and muscles and junk)

So wowzers!  I guess that means that my days of sloth and indulgence are going to have to end as I'd better get my act in gear to prepare for these upcoming races.

I did a good job not eating lots today, but tonight I had a meal fit for a mountain climber.  It was good, but not the kind of thing that is going to help me lose weight.

Losing weight is hard!  I can exercise more and change my lifestyle, but the act of actually minimizing the amount of food entering my body is hard.

And once again I am reminded of how much our bodies aim to maintain balance.  Medicine, healing, life - so much is about balance.  And here I am trying to be balanced, but also trying to scoot down the scale an inch at a time - Of course, I'm going to keep losing my balance.  I'm reminded of someone carrying heavy weights on either end of a bar that is hoisted on their shoulders - like buckets of water or heavy dumbells.  Standing still and concentrating - not so hard.  Shuffling a bit to the side - water sloshes and dumbells start swinging.

I need to keep being easy on myself and recognizing all the things that are different now (no Doritos or soda or mid morning meals) and trust that as I continue to establish my balance, I'll be able to step a bit more down the scale.


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