As my introductory post, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the phrase coined; TheBabyTheBrandTheBusiness. It’s an extension of my business "FreelySpeakingInc. As my luck would have it, it has become everything that I imagined it to be at this stage of its life. Initially, the business was an alias to a tee-shirt & accessory line, inspired by catch phrases that spoke a subliminal language to a certain target audience. It was an "I dare you to freely speak" concept. When I realized it was an oxymoron to call MYSELF freely speaking and still be anonymous; I went public with the name, as my AKA.

 After the success of the and demand for the tees, I decided to extend the phrase as a brand to cover anything I did related to selling products or services that were empowering. It has now grown into the recognized brand for all things by "Freely Speaking"; which includes authored work, books, essays, screenplay etc.

 Having a child in the mist of all of it, I had to find a way NOT to defer my dream and still practice good parenting. I left the corporate world in 2010; not by my will, but by the will of GOD, and was able to pursue this whole idea of the babythebrandthebusiness. I did not immediately accept the blessing in disguise, as I was also preparing to be a single parent. The challenges that would come along with all of this were apparent. To add to the sudden changes, I was also enduring the most unpleasant child custody battle (still) that would further complicate this task. However, things happening according to GOD's plan.

 No matter the obstacles that were and still are being thrown at me to hinder my success, I have been able to maintain a balance between work life and home life. I have had the support of family, friends and many who have come and gone; fulfilling their season in this situation. It has been one heck of a ride, but looking back over just the last three years, I can see and say that I have overcome quite a bit. This is important to mention because people would like to think it’s easy-and it's not. I stress prayer and focus, along with determination and drive...keep motivational people around you and never give up. There will always be bumps in the road. Stay the course..... Make a plan and constantly try to make that plan better. Fine tune, and press out all kinks, even if those kinks are people who are not good for your team or dream.

 TheBabyTheBrandTheBusiness was ultimately born out of the idea that If I want a career, I have to find a way to merge it with single-parenthood. To me, that meant create facet that will include my child. Reverse the stigma of single parenthood, single mother.....Become known as the "lady with the kid", and glamourize it, rather than cry about it. The facts are what they are and I simply made lemonade of lemons. And with that, I was able to market myself along with my kid, which promised me the promotion in my life that I deserved.  We have together, become known as thebabythebrandthebusiness, by Freely Speaking.

 Niedria D. Kenny

 The D, is for Deon - same name as my son. The only child AKA Prince Cornelius; he's the Prince in "Prince Cornelius and his Magical Friends" a book dedicated to the life and growth of my child

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