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I met Kevin Nash

So, who here are fans of pro wrestling? Well, whether or not you like to admit it, you probably are and would enjoy a great match. Pro wrestling is fake... Really?! Not so. Yes, it's scripted but so are most of your favorite reality programs. The bumps these guys and gals take are all too real and painful! I went to wrestling school for two years, I know all too well! 

I enrolled in Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in 1996-98. Trained under Kowalski himself as well as Slyck Wagner Brown who is now quite the Indy wrestler. The reason I'm no longer training as of right now, I was injured by a girl who wasn't able to pull a move off right. I was perched on the top turn buckle and she was supposed to flip me over her to the mat by putting her legs on my shoulders. Well she locked her ankles (A big NO NO) and dropped me hard right on my head. Broke three vertebrae in my back and neck. My career was finished, as was my dream. 

 The pain during training, the pain during the match is all real. The ending of the match is scripted but the pain is not. So before anyone tells you it's fake and no one gets hurt, think of my story or the tragic story of Owen Hart, who plunged to his death due to faulty equipment. 

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