Their Just Little Guys, No Different From Anyone Else

Drew and I have developed a bad habit recently of staying up way too late and then sucking it majorly the next morning. This feeling has been classified as 'The Olympic Hangover'. All of this Olympic consumption is really starting to mess with my day. When Belle and Lily do something at night that really sets me off after I've had a long day, I can't help but curse that Olympic Hangover when I start to lose my shit.

Being that I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years and went to college on a swimming scholarship, it was very hard not to watch all that was unfolding in front of the world with the swimming portion of the Olympics. Micheal Phelps and all of his victories were truly captivating and monumental, and to not have watched that in its entirety would have just been a mistake.

Anyway, while Drew and I were watching the men's gymnastics finals late into the night, this very immature conversation unfolded:

First part of conversation: Drew: "Wow that guy sure is small."

Me: "Small maybe, but gymnastics is really tough, you couldn't do any of those moves, ever."

Drew: "Yeah, maybe not, but I would just smack him around if I had to."

WHAT, relevance please?

Conclusion of conversation:

Me: "Wow, spinning your body like that while balancing on your hands on the floor must be so difficult."

Drew: "Yeah whatever, I could do that split but my third leg would probably just fall out onto the carpet."

Again, immature but slightly funny after four continuous hours of Olympic coverage and two hours past your bedtime.

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