Their name nods to a nick’ we’d rather forget, but these Beaters are well nigh perfect.

All tank tops are not created equal. Some are too tight, creating a virtual shelf if you’re anything over an A-minus. Most are too short, lacking the essential extra fabric that takes them from under to outerwear. And the ones that come in three-packs sling low so low under your arms that you might as well skip ‘em altogether and go out in your bra.

Then there are those from Spun, which is the brainchild of a Sara Seumae, a Seattle mother-of-two with zero fashion experience but all kinds of moxie. For Spring/Summer 2008, Spun presents six near-perfect basics in certified organic cotton, made in the U.S. and dyed to wearable neutrals through an environmentally safe, low-impact, fiber-reactive process.

And despite the fact that their moniker nods to a nickname we’d rather forget, Seumae’s Beaters are well-nigh perfect. They’re an optimum length, so that they drape a bit over the hips. Ribbed with a slender fit, yet not too tight. Nipped in at the back so your strap peeks out, and scooped enough to be sexy at the front. Soft enough to sleep in, yet polished enough to wear with a jacket to an impromptu work meeting. And just $25.

Equality, indeed.

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