Their successes and accomplishments begets my happinesses.

Nothing gives me a greater sense of personal accomplishment than when I see that my children have achieved what they’ve set out to do in their lives. But while they are successful and accomplished, if they were to fail or are just short of reaching their goal, well, don’t look at me! Hubby and I did our part; we’ve sacrificed till we acquired our obvious wrinkles and load of gray hairs. We gave nothing short of just darn-right giving up every drop of blood we have.

We have loved our children with every existing micro cell in our being, but when they’ve grown they will undoubtedly each chart a course to follow. Here’s hoping, however, that their father and I have taught them everything they should know to set them walking on their own two feet and prepared them, street-wise, we hope, on how to face the world.

We’ve taught them to:

  • Love and respect that which they are; and if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then do something about it.
  • Love or at least respect others.
  • Have Faith and believe that you have the power to make things happen, and when you can’t, because you’ve given it your all, it doesn’t make you a failure.

We made sure they received a proper education, without which they would have difficulties accomplishing their goals for [said] successes.

My youngest, my boy, came to me one day to tell me that he’d decided he was taking a year or two off from college. (Most don’t bother to come back to finish their education.) It took me only a moment to digest what he’d just told me, to which I replied: “I cannot force you to stay in school. But if you drop out of college now, you will need to promptly find a job and then plan on moving out. Your father and I are not going to sit idle and watch you throw any part of your life away. You can move out and do it on your own time.”

If memory serves me right, within a few short hours my son had decided to stay in school. He eventually received his degree, a BS in Actuarial Science, graduating Cum Laude. Success!

Yes. Their successes and accomplishments have given us our happinesses.


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