There Are No Do-Overs

There Are No Do-Overs

Sometimes being an adult is really hard work...and more often than not you find yourself wishing that you could have a do-over on so very many things.  From not forgetting to put the wet laundry into the dryer, to wishing you'd gone to bed earlier and actually could have slept, to regretting running that extra 2 miles just because you felt good at the time but now are suffering for it.  Little or big, there never seems a shortage of things you wish you could do-over, or differently, or not at all.

January was pretty much a whole month of that for me.  Work was super busy, the whole family got sick (yes, including Squire with his hurty paw!), a tree fell on the seemed like just one thing after the other after the other.  And now somehow, I've yet to determine how, it has already become February.  I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks.  I haven't even DONE the laundry - but I guess the upside is it isn't sitting wet and moldy in the washer either!  I have two trips in a week - and a race - that I'm not ready for.  My email box is ready to self destruct at any second.  I'm hungry, tired, and feeling like I'm in a perpetual game of catch up right now.

I need a do over.  Or do I?

If January hadn't happened I would NOT have had the incredibly inspiring opportunity to go to Houston to watch the US Olympic Marathon trials.  If we hadn't both gotten sick, Brian and I wouldn't have spent all day together on the couch watching the AFC & NFC Championship football games and getting much needed down time together.  If I hadn't taken 9 days off of running for bronchitis, this week's compliments on my running at the gym may not have had the same positive impact.  If a tree hadn't fallen on the cabin we never would've gotten to play with chainsaws on the roof and had a fun friend & dog packed yard cleanup extravaganza.  (OK, so that last one is a little bit twisted, but I do love me some power tools!). 

I guess my point is this:  as many times as I've said I need a do-over in the last couple weeks, I really wouldn't want one.  For better or worse everything that happens to us, and how we respond to it, helps to shape us.  I am a stronger person, a better wife and friend, for having weathered the storms of life then if I had been spared.

So, I'm embracing the challenges, and open to what February has to offer.  Phil says 6 more weeks of winter?  Well, we haven't even HAD winter yet, so go ahead and bring it.

Challenge Accepted...
 - Shelly

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