Is there ever really a good time to let your kids listen to Ke$ha?

Apparently some times are better than others. This became apparent when my oldest offspring took control of the musical Bluetooth features on the ole iPhone.  Her hunger for power shot straight to her head and she became Tiesto ... serving it up one morning on the way to preschool drop off. I guess the title kind of gives it away. You all know the song and I claim no personal knowledge on how that one made it onto my phone.

<Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy ......>

Every morning on the way into preschool we get to walk past the teachers who are the "morning greeters". I am fairly convinced that this job is assigned to the teachers that had the most student piss accidents the day before. I wonder if poop counts double? I would bet cash-money that they even have a sticker board with results posted in their lounge in order to keep track of the winners.

It is very cold out this morning.

Tyler: (5 feet away from the shivering greeters with forced smiles - he is singing) - "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy ... throw my glasses on the floor and hit the city"

Tyler: (in front of the Popsicle-style teachers, some of them look hungover, he is still singing except he is getting the words all wrong) - "... and I wake up in the morning drink a bottle of Jack ..."

At this point the hungover Popsicles have stopped doing their greeting jobs and have directed their entire range of focus onto Tyler. I think his little song must have hit close to home for a few of them.

me: (to the greeters, who seem to have forgotten to greet us)  - "Yes, you just heard what you thought you heard."

me: (scolding Tyler) "It's brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack' ... get it right next time."

I get kind of self conscious when my kid screws up in front of his teachers.

me: (looking at the now suddenly bitchy Popsicles) -  "He didn't learn it from me, I drink Makers."






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