There Goes My Baby

I cried this morning. The salty tears came out of nowhere, a response to sheer happiness and pride for my little happy heart of a boy. For the first time, Teague rode his bike without training wheels. Off he went, unafraid, riding as fast and as far as he wanted. By himself.

 This 4 year old boy was just a swaddled little Teague burrito whose gummy little baby laugh captured our hearts. He just learned to crawl and walk and torment our poor dog Memphis. He just said his first words and charmed us with his silly songs. He just started preschool.

 He's not exactly leaving for college tomorrow, I know, but with each of his special milestones, there's a tiny sadness in my heart and a lump in my throat, because I know he needs me a little less. Kissing his boo boos won't make his entire world better for much longer, and this breaks my heart.

 Teague and I had a rough start, with reflux and colic, an overseas move and a change in career all at once. There were plenty of days that I didn't think would ever end. But it got better, and then fun. We enjoyed the good moments so much more after having a difficult time. The blur that was his first year is probably to blame for a lot of my emotional mom moments.

 As he continues to ride his bike all over town, I will run behind him, smiling and proud, taking as many mental pictures as I can, because I know that soon enough I will be saying, "he just learned to ride a bike."


Mandy is a military wife currently living in Argentina.






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