There Is Hope Beyond Obesity

How much would you be willing to do to help your child if it concerns their health? There have been numerous programs that deal with adult obesity, but there have been few that deal with child/teen obesity, until Wellspring Academy.

Wellspring Academy in Brevard, NC, is a boarding school designed to help obese kids lose weight while teaching them traditional academics. From the time these teens arrive and are briefed, they are instructed on what their schedule would be while they are within Wellspring. For the teens who have decided to come here, Wellspring is their last hope of conquering teen obesity. Most of them have gone through diets and other weight loss programs, but were never successful.

What makes Wellspring different from other weight loss programs is their no-nonsense approach to having their goals accomplished. For these teens, distractions are not an option. Any electronics that they bring with them to Wellspring are placed in plastic bins and given back when they leave. Their success depends on how seriously they commit to their program. The calorie restrictions, daily exercise and rules, as well as taking away daily distractions like TV and cellphones, ensure that these students only focus on their goal to lose weight. Along with this, they are taught regular classes and offer tutoring to keep up with current school criteria.

For Bethany(16), losing 65 pounds while at Wellspring was just one of the benefits. By learning how to be abide by their rules with regard to the weight loss program and schoolwork, she has learned how to be responsible for her actions, ready to tackle life after Wellspring. For Haley (15), losing 34 lbs is just the beginning of her journey and she's more than ready to keep going to see what she can share with her family after she leaves Wellspring.

Reading about Wellspring Academy and the families of teens whose willingness and commitment to tackle the problem of obesity are to be commended. While Wellspring is not inexpensive, the results far outweigh the costs for these teens and their families. That's my take on this, what's yours?

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