There Is Hope In Clearing Clutter


Clearing clutter in your home, office and lifeZeus was a God in Greek mythology. He was the only one who had fire and he guarded his secret fiercely until one day Prometheus stole the secret of fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus was angered and he ordered Hephaestus to create the first woman, Pandora, as part of the punishment of mankind. (Now that doesn’t seem quite fair that he considered this a punishment does it?)

She was given a beautiful urn (which we now refer to as Pandora’s box) and was instructed never to open it. Along with this beautiful box Pandora was also given the gift of curiosity. One day she decided to take a peek inside and when she did open the lid all of the evils, ills, sicknesses and burdensome labor that mankind had not know before escaped from the jar. At the very bottom of her jar there lay hope.

As you survey the rooms in your home do you feel a Pandora’s box has been opened and it released clutter, disorganization, an overwhelming mess, and disruption to your daily life?

But remember in Pandora’s box there was also hope. No matter how awful you feel your home is in terms of clutter there is always hope that you can clear clutter.

Clear clutter from your life


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