There Is No Dress Code For Motherhood

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen several articles floating around the internet about not dressing like a “mom”. It’s eye roll worthy for its judgment passed off as “helpful” advice. The assumption that every mom should dress to the nines everyday or that yoga pants and a t-shirt is sloppy is preposterous…craft time is not meant for my blouses and linen pants (do I even own those anymore?)…it’s more of a Tim’s old T-shirts and a pair of crappy pants event. Clearly I missed the section about motherhood and dress codes in my copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Most of these articles are directed at the stay-at-home crowd but I can tell you even when I was working outside of the house I would still slip into yoga pants and flip flops and then have the audacity to be seen in public in such attire. After spending ten hours in spanx and heels every day the thought of jeans was enough to make me whimper. And while we’re on the topic of the article’s target audience, why don’t these articles ever address the fathers roaming the aisles of Target or Walgreens in their flip-flops and faded, ill fitting t-shirts scored from the Jagmeister girl at a bar in 2003? Because no one cares, so why should anyone care what I or any other mother wears inside or outside my home?

There is some advice that these articles miss due to their utterly douchey tones and that is this: take care of yourself. I don’t mean that to say you should be in the best shape of your life and feeding your body nothing but organic, wild raised meat and fruit and nuts that you gathered yourself. No, I’m saying carve some time out for yourself everyday to bask in the luxury of a warm shower or a cup of coffee you don’t have to microwave three times before finishing. I know I can feel like a whole new person after a quick shower and fresh clothes. If I can blow out my hair for the day…I may as well be walking on a cloud. It’s not about what you’re wearing or how you look it’s about how you treat yourself. At some point during the day your basic needs should come first for a few minutes. It can be difficult at times, I know, especially for moms dealing with a colicky baby or multiple kids but do it. Wake up half an hour earlier or instead of sweeping the kitchen floor during nap time give that time to yourself or let the TV been your babysitter for thirty minutes. And if you want use those thirty minutes to dress yourself in yoga pants, bedazzled Uggs, and your oversized “Dance Mom” t-shirt be sure to take a selfie and tag me on Instagram.

There Is No Dress Code For Motherhood


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