There Will Be No First Day of Kindergarten Photo

Today marks the 100th installment of Heather King‘s (The Extraordinary OrdinaryJust Write free-writing your (extra)ordinary stories series. It marks my first time as a participant. Congratulations, Heather. 

Today is my youngest son’s first day of kindergarten. I suppose this should be a big deal since we’ve had a rather unconventional approach to education up till now. (Read An Ordinary Family Making a Not So Ordinary Choice About School)

But true to form we’re not treating this day with any kind of reverence or pomp.

Of course, my newsfeeds are filled with photos of kids starting school. There are kindergartners standing next to teary parents. There are excited eight year olds holding up three fingers indicating they are starting 3rd grade. There are preteens looking very fashionable as they get ready to... 

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