Theres always time for lipstick

My annual holiday party is tomorrow.  And thank God I am ready.  Bring it!  I started decorating right after thanksgiving.  I cleaned the kitchen a couple of days ago and have just been on super clean up duty behind myself for the past couple of days.  My roommate has been doing the same.  It feels good not to really have anything to do.  I mean, I woke up this morning and vacuumed my bedroom and scrubbed my bathroom.  But the house is clean, serene, and christmasey.

My family is here today and it feels good to be able to hang out with them and not have 100 things on my list.  So what have I been doing while waiting for them to get here?  Looking for a new shade of pink/fuchsia lipstick.  There has to be one out there for me.  I've been looking online at different shades, ended up on Sephoras website looking at random gift sets that have nothing to do with lipstick.  Oh, I need to find a new punch.  I guess i'll hit All Recipes and Food Network websites.  Did I remember to move the treadmill?  I should really get my nails done.  And it's free shipping day! Let me see is there anything else that I have to do.  Oh lipstick.

Have a great weekend!