There's no place like home

Did you check out that adult toy website or did you stop by and take a good look around? Find what you need? Saw what you like?  Get what you didn’t expect? Good!

I was driven home in a limo filled with flowers. It is a good thing I don’t have any hang ups about flowers, but am I being a bit cattie when I want to say … “Enough Already with the Flowers!”

I don’t know how he found me, but I’m glad he did.  Who knew what I had to do or even explain when it came down to that situation at the hotel.

“Wait!” I thought.  If he saved me from all of that nonsense, hiding the camera footage and paying everything off, then he should know about the night with Mr. Beat Me Bit Me.

“Can you please tell me if he is in town?” I asked the driver.

“He just wanted me to take you home.” The driver looked at me through the rear view mirror. “I’m going the right way.”

I gave him a look.  I didn’t tell him where I lived but he had a good idea by the way he was driving.

“He who?” he replied.

The traffic soon became full, then crowed and suddenly stopped.

“I tried to get out of the city before he came to town.” The driver said taking off his hat to toss it into the passage seat. “I should have just taken the roses instead of waiting for the other flower to arrive.”

I could do nothing but smile. This man’s day even his night is messed up because of my flowers.  They now don’t seem so bad. I made sure to inhale each one.

I sat in the car for three hours. I made the hike twice to the gas station at the end of the exit ramp. (They didn’t let cars get off there or we would have been long gone.  I just had to have that orange soda.)

Each time I pasted by a small town car, I notice the couple sitting in the back seat cuddling, kissing and having what seems to be a wonderful loving conversation.

For a moment I wanted that… that small sense that I could have someone to grow old with – that is until my last trip back to the limo when I saw a couple my age in the back seat getting it on. Through the steamed windows I could still tell the sign of a hand and a shoe up in the air.

By the time I made it back to the car the traffic was back in motion.  I hopped in and we took off. I was headed back home again.  Back to my crazy sisters, adult toys in the truck and more stores to tell.

“I’m not old yet?”


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