There's something happening here...

Every night, as I approach my house, my breath hitches in my throat a little bit. Not knowing what I am going to find when I arrive, I get excited. After all, every day a little something happens at the house….

When you hear the words “front door” you think of an entrance to a house, right? You also think of that entrance being at the front of the house, don’t you? Of course you do. After all, that is common sense. Unfortunately, whoever designed my home didn’t think this way. They positioned our front door at the side of our house.

The location of the door was always a sense of annoyance to my husband, Marc, and I. It was inconvenient to use, especially when lugging packages. So we hardly ever used it. Instead, we would always enter and exit through the garage.

Well, those days are done! We now have a proper front door! A ten foot one to be exact… As soon as we installed it Marc and I questioned how we managed to live so long without it.


By changing the position of the door, we had to also change the walkway into our home. Since our driveway was in poor shape, complete with bricks cracking, we decided to redo the driveway as well.

We love the results!

In the open area, we plan on putting a small table and a chair in case we want to sit out front with a cup of coffee or better yet a glass of wine. We will be planting some low trees in the front for a little privacy and aesthetics, and in the spring, we will fill in with flowers….


Is there anything in your house that doesn’t make sense?


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