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(Hello ... hello ...) 

When I talked into the abyss ..... the abyss talked back to me. I discovered blogging in 2007 whan I was doing IVF. So I started an IVF blog. Then I got pregnant so I had a pregnancy blog; for over nine months. Then my husband got cancer right when the baby was born so I had an "OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOOOOOO FUCKED UP" blog.

Some wonderful, wise, amazing women held me up when I couldn't see my way. A lot of them reside in the Americaz. I hope to meet some when I triumphantly come to New York for BlogHer 10,

These days, my blog is all those things and nothing. Recovering from drugs and alcohol. Had a shit childhood. Dead dads everywhere. Being a stepmother. And the most important thing of all ........ noticing the minutae of everyday life.

I blog here:

Still working out the whole BlogHer thing, feel a bit shy. HI. (Hi .... hi ...)


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