These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:On Ryan's Lighter Side

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: On Ryan's Lighter Side...

This is a post copy form my blogspot site, and is used to introduce myself and Ryan to BlogHer. Hello and peace be with you all. :)


Ryan with a candy toe ring, 2009



 So, all of you know that Ryan has been a challenge, and we've had our share of difficult times, but maybe it's time for me to tell you about his lighter side...the side that I call "elfish".

Ryan has a magical smile. A smile that lights up like a halogen bulb on a moonless night. One second it's dark, the next it's blindingly bright. The kind of smile that in the old days was called a "moviestar" smile. He smiles most of the time, as he goes about his day. Sometimes they are little smiles, like when he finds just the right spot for a truck that he's placing in a straight line. Fleeting smiles like when he taste something that he really likes, and then gets down to eating it. But it's the big smiles that are accompinied by his unbelievable laugh, that light up the darkness and I feel his magic.

It is so unexpected to have a "special" child with a laugh so genuine, and infectious that it makes your own laughter bubble up from deep inside yourself, unbidden, and uncheckable. It is one of his greatest gifts, his ability to transport me in a split second to the age of 4, when I could laugh at little things and have the sensation of laughter run through my whole body. It is infectious too. I'm not the only one that his laugh can effect, there are many others... family members, children, strangers in parks, and swimming pools will all laugh when he does. When he laughs hard, even our dog (Bear) jumps up and runs around in excitement, shaking his big head and bouncing with joy. I wish his laugh could be bottled, it would cure a lot of wrongs in this sad world.

Ryan is also funny. He is sometimes funny, in a stomach shaking, laugh til I choke, kind of way.  Ryan is prone to slapstick moments that would make Jerry Lewis proud. I once watched him jump up and down on the couch (while eating a piece of celery no less) throw a ball for Bear, put himself into a headstand to watch Bear run upside down, and scream with laughter. I couldn't keep from laughing as I told him to stop jumping on the couch! He has a mischievious sense of humor too, that can strike anytime and anywhere. One of his favorite "jokes", involves strangers when we shop. He waits until he knows I'm distracted, walking down an aisle looking for something, and will lunge out at any stranger within reach, grab their arm and scream HI at the top of his lungs, and laugh hysterically when they jump. He doesn't let go right away, and sure enough these strangers will laugh with him. I have to fight hard to control my face, not smile or laugh, to admonish him that "it's nots nice to scare people!" Then there are those moments because he is 4, when we are in a resturant, he'll smile that big smile, laugh, and with a mischievious gleem in his eye announce at the top of his lungs that he has just passed gas, and giggle until he can hardly breath. Oh my, this boy...

He lives life for all it's worth, every moment, and is larger than life himself.  He is completely oblivious to social pressure, and does not give a flip what anybody thinks about him. This amazing, unique, funny, "elfish" special child, makes me thankful that I had him, every single day. He is the darkness sometimes, but more often than not, he is the light, and brightness, and magic in my life. I would not have him "be" any other way. Not neuro-typical, not un-Autistic, not un-developementally delayed, because then he would "un-be" Ryan. He is who he is, and even with his struggles, he is true to himself. He is Ryan, and I am his lucky, blessed, sidekick, fan, and audience.

Peace be to you all.



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