These Moments Are What I Love about Being a Mom

Cheryl D.

Little Bit Quirky

During the night, my daughter woke me up. I went back to her room so we could talk, and as we cuddled in her bed, she told me what was bothering her. "I feel weird" she told me. I asked if she was feeling okay. She told me she wasn't sick, but she felt worried. She was afraid that she might have wished for something too much, preventing it from coming true or that someone might have overheard her saying what her wish was thus preventing it from happening. I told her that having a wish wasn't enough. I reminded her that in the movie, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana's father told Tiana that while it's great to wish and dream for things, the wishes won't happen unless you work for the dream to come true. I also told her that some wishes are just out of our control. No matter how hard we work for the dream to come true, it's just out of our control. I also told her that if someone knows about a wish, I didn't think it really prevented the wish from coming true. I told her that's just a silly belief. I thought this would make her feel better, but then I notice she was fighting back tears. She said that she wanted to have the power to make her dream come true. I told her that without knowing the dream, I couldn't really help her out. Because I didn't think it would affect her dream, I encouraged her to tell me. She told me that she wanted world peace. Here she was, worried that world peace hasn't happened yet because she wanted it too badly or because somebody overheard her wishing for it. And she was also upset by the idea that her wish might be too big and out of her control. I was so incredibly touched by this! I gave her a big hug and told her how proud I was of her. I told her that world peace was my number one wish too! I told her that it was something out of her control, but if she led by example--and the many other people who wanted it led by example too, maybe then it would occur. She seemed heartened by this. I asked her if she knew what my number two wish was. She replied that she didn't. I told her it was my wish that she would get sleep. She was too young to be up at night worrying about such big world issues! I wanted to capture that moment and hold it next to me forever. These are the moments that I will remember being a mom! They are precious beyond words. Happy Mother's Day weekend.


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